Pre-Owned Mobility Scooters

Pre-Owned Mobility Scooters

If you are in the market for a pre-owned mobility scooter - have a look at these!

  • Most of our traded in scooters were sold new by us and have been regularly serviced.
  • All batteries have been performance tested and if not up to standard, will be replaced with quality Ozcharge gel batteries (unless otherwise stated).
  • All chargers have been tested, and if not up to standard will be replaced with a new Ozcharge charger of the correct size.
  • All carry at least a 90 day warranty against mechanical or electrical failure (unless otherwise stated).
  • All (portables excepted) will be delivered free of charge up to 400 kilometres from our showroom.

Why buy a scooter elsewhere, not knowing the service history and condition of the scooter, the batteries or the charger?

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New Pre-owned Afiscooter S

Pre-owned Afiscooter S, Grey in colour in 'as new' condition, this Afikim scooter is a 2016 model at a huge discount to new price. Sold new in the second half of 2016, this current model scooter has had very little use. This one is a 10kph version and 12 month warranty


New Pre-owned Afikim Sportster

Pre-owned Afikim Sportster, 3 wheel scooter. large MK batteries and charger included. The normal 90 day warranty on driveline and electonic components.


New Pre-owned Merits Explorer

Pre-owned Merits Eclipse sold new by us and traded back on a merits power chair. 4 pole motor, 2 x 40ah batteries, front independant suspension. This scooter is in a tidy condition, been checked over in our workshop and is ready for hard work. This scooter carries the usual 90 day warranty on major electronic and driveline components. 


New Pre-Owned Pride Celebrity DX XL

Pre-owned 3 wheel Pride Celebrity DX XL, checked over in our workshop and batteries are near new and tested in excellent condition. Quite a tidy one lady owner scooter ready for faithful service.


New Pre-owned Pride Celebrity

Pre-owned Pride Celebrity, low seat, batteries in great condition. Includes charger, free delivery within our area and 90 day warranty. 


Pre-owned Afikim Breeze S

Afikim Breeze S. This Breeze S was sold new by us and traded back to us recently on a new scooter. This Breeze S is fitted with a full canopy including a rear boot. This quality unit carries a six month warranty on all driveline and electronic components.


New Pre-owned Afikim Breeze S with Canopy

 This Breeze S is fitted with a canopy and a lockable boot. This Breeze is in very good condition and is priced at over $3,000 under new price.


Pre-Owned Be Mobile

A very basic "Be Mobile" entry level scooter, Fitted with 2nd Hand batteries, and a two pole motor. 


Pre-owned Invacare Colibri Demo Model

This little compact scooter is ex-demo stock. Effortless dismantleing, increased comfort with ergonomic Handlebar for ease of grip.