We provide a large qauntity of Assistive Technology to the NDIS. As a registered provider we can do Agency Managed, Self Managed or Plan Managed.

Level 1 and 2 Assistive Technology - most participants have around $1000 a year to spend on low cost low tech items without needing an Occupational Therapy report. Please see below for common items people purchase using their consumables. Because these items are small in size we can send these with Australia post to anywhere in Australia. Not all items can be sent with Australia Post. Please contact us to provide a written quote for you of the items you desire. Once payment is recieved we can send them off.

Level 3 and 4 Assistive Technology - These items include scooters, liftchairs, patient lifters and power chairs. We conduct instore and onsite trials of these with your Occupational Therapist. Simply have your therapist contact us to arrange a trial.  


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Full Round Lumbar Roll MLE

The Full Round Lumbar Roll provides lumbar support that is extremely compact and portable. It has adjustable elastic positioning strap with a washable velour cover and foam construction.


Cushion - Swivel

Assists user to turn on most surfaces. Soft padded design allows user to sit comfortably on long car trips. Two layers in a circular design aided by a non-slip base aids user to turn. Works well when used in conjunction with the Handybar.



Soft Sole Slipper

Soft sole slippers made from medical quality lambskin. No seam under the heel to maximise comfort while wearing slippers lying down



Lambcare Heel protectors

Wraps around the heel in Australian grown wool. Reduces risk of pressure sores



Folding Walking Cane

T-Handle adjustable height folding walking Cane. Available in either Bronze or Black.



Folding Walking Cane Floral Design

T-Handle adjustable folding walking Cane. Available in either Floral Blue, Floral Black, Floral White or Floral Pink.



Throne 3 in 1 Rail - White

The Throne 3 in 1 Rail enables the user to have support close to the body, where it is most needed. The user is able to lower safely onto the toilet and pushing up from the seat is also much easier.


from $350.00

Throne 3 in 1 Rail - Polished

The Throne 3 in 1 Rail enables the user to have support close to the body, where it is most needed.


Wheelchair seat cover

Genuine lambskin seat cover to suit most wheelchairs. 46 x 38cm. Velcro straps underneath.