Riverina Scooters and Mobility have a comprehensive range medical oxygen concentrators and accessories to suit most applications in both the home and facilities.

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The DeVilbiss 525 Oxygen Concentrator is a purpose built household oxygen unit which supplies an uninterrurpted supply of oxygen (up to 5 litres per minute) when needed at the flick of a switch.

The DeVilbiss IGo Portable Concentrator with Rolling Carry Case.

Oxygen users - take control of your care and empower yourself with accurate oxygen saturation and heart rate monitoring information.


The MC44D-605 Long Life Intake Bacteria Filter fits both The Devilbiss 525 and 515 concentrators.


The S7600 humidifier bottle is useful for oxygen users who fing the oxygen dries out their nasal area. Simply fill with water daily and the oxygen will be humidified.


Green 'kink-free' 5mm inside diameter oxygen tubing of 9.2 metres length to enable extended mobility around your home.


The PH1161 7' Nasal Cannula High Flow 2.1m (7') is the ideal length for use iwith Devilbiss IGo and Invacare XPO2 portable concentrators.


Nasal Cannula 1.2m in length for use in delivering oxygen therapy


The CN100 Green connector for the Devilbiss 525 concentrator connects the 5mm hose to the concentrator.


The MS4301 5mm clear tubing connector connects oxygen hoses to cannulas.


The Gross Particle Filter protects your concentrator from dust and other large particles entered the concentrator. The Gross Particle Filter should be rinsed under a cold water tap once a week to remove all dust and foreign particles. It should then be air dried before being refitted to the concentrator