Lifting and Transfering

Lifting and Transfering

We carry a wide range of lifting and transferring equipment including electric lifters, slings, slide sheets and transfer boards.

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Molift 150 Folding Lifter

Awarded for Design Excellence in Europe, the Molift Smart 150 is a foldable, lightweight, portable patient lifter designed to be easily wheeled and transported. It is ideally suited for use in home care, for travelling, transporting in a car or to be easily stored. When folded, the Molift Smart is compact enough to fit into a Toyota Yaris

With a lifting range of 27 – 168 cm (10.6" – 66.1") the Smart 150 provides an excellent maximum lifting height and at the same time gets low enough to facilitate lifting from the floor.

The 4-point sling bar is standard and guarantees the patient hoist gives a comfortable lifting position for the user with ample space around the head area thereby eliminating any risk of the head bumping into the sling bar or the user swinging side to side.  

With the combination of sling and sling bar, the user will slide into a natural, correct seating position, from lying to sitting and vice versa.

The Smart 150 has a unique design with an excellent centre of balance and together with the small footprint makes it easy to manoeuvre even in tight spaces.

The unit includes a Molift Battery and Molift Battery Charger.

Available also is the Molift Smart Soft Travel case.  It is ideal for use when travelling, transporting or storing the Smart 150.  For airplane travel and other situations when bulk stowage is required, the Molift Smart Hard Travel Case is a suitable option.  Both cases are sold separately.  

Slide Sheet 2 x 1.5 m

Slide Sheets, tubular or flat, are an easy way of manoeuvring a client across or up and down a bed, chair or other surface, simply slide rather than lift, ergonomically efficient.

 All Slide Sheets are fully hemmed for durability and long life.


Invacare Birdie Compact 150

Invacare Birdie Compact 150 is only 55 cm wide. The ergonomically designed push bar allows the carer to position their hands comfortably reducing the likelihood of strain. The 100mm smoothing rolling castors make it easy to push and pull the lifter.


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Swivel Cushion

The Swivel Cushion is a soft, flexible swivel seat, with a unique design that allows for easy transfer in and out of a vehicle. It swivels 360 degrees allowing the user full range of motion.

  • Soft flexible padded cushion with turning motion.

  • Non-slip base.

  • Allows the User easy and comfortable transfer in and out of a vehicle.

  •  Provides a full range of motion and ensures stability and safety.

  • Has maximum portability.

  • Can also be used as a turning assist whilst standing.

  • An excellent companion to the Handybar.



Invacare Birdie 180

The Invacare Birdie 180 maximises space for the user, even when the lifter is in the highest position, providing a very comfortable lift and transfer since the user can easily be rotated in the lifter. The Birdie 180 is capable of lifting a patient from the floor.


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Birdie Lifter 180KG

Transportability and patient comfort go hand-in-hand. With maximum space for the user.


Full range of slings for Yoke and Pivot attachments

Versatile enough for patient transfers, toileting or bathing, the ProSling range is manufactured from the highest quality material. These slings are developed to suit the majority of lifter products on the market, with a variety of sling types available for use with either yoke or pivot frame lifters.

Birdie Evo Lifter

Our new Birdie EVO has been designed to offer a high feature-set of options that have been blended with new technologies to provide maximum comfort and security when lifting or transferring a patient to or from a bed, chair or even the floor.

Based on the renowned Birdie, the new range has been customer insight led, encompassing everything that was valued on the Birdie whilst bringing in new features to further enhance the client and carerexperience. 

The BirdieEVO encompasses an ergonomic lift that allows the client to be easily rotated 360°, making positioning much easier for the carer and reducing anxiety for the client. 

The high boom ensures there is space for the client, even when the hoist is in its highest position, and the optimised space in front of the actuator reduces the risk of injury to the client’s knees. 

Freestanding Self Help Pole

A portable self lifting stand with chain and triangular pull bar, on a U shaped base. Made from tubular steel with epoxy coated white finish. The upright mast can be removed from the base for transporting. It will fit under most domestic beds.


Static Bed Rail

A removable, fixed apex shaped bed rail made of epoxy coated steel to fit under the mattress on either side of the bed. It is designed to assist in transferring and bed mobility.


Sling General Purpose - Fabric

Invacare Sling, comes in multiple variations for different needs. 


Sling General Purpose - Mesh

Sling General Purpose - Mesh 


Sling General Purpose w. Head Support - Mesh

Sling General Purpose  w. Head Support - Mesh


Sling - Hammock - Mesh Large

Sling - Hammock - Mesh Large 


Birdie Compact Lifter 150KG

Transportability and patient comfort go hand-in-hand with maximum space for the user, both the Invacare Birdie and the Birdie Compact offer a truly comfortable lift and transfer to or from beds, chairs or even the floor.

The lifters are designed to ensure that folding and unfolding can be carried out easily and without the need for tools. In addition, the lifter can be dismantled into two parts if needed – also without tools.

Invacare lifter Jasmine

NOW WITH NEW INTELLIGENT MONITORING SYSTEM. The Invacare Jasmine Mobile Lift is a flexible solution that offers high comfort for all clients. The lift covers all needs, providing safe patient handling with up to 200 kg weight capacity.


Timber Transfer Board

Transfer Board 'Timber' with Hand Poles.



Curved Transfer Board

Curved Transfer Board


Slider Persepx Transfer Board

Transfer Board 'Slider' Perspex Large


Rotating seat

Users can rotate with ease to adjust the seat position. Commonly used to get in and out of the car. Can be used on any type of chair. Comes with a removable, padded cover that is fully washable. Disc diameter is 42cm, height is 7cm.



Walking Belt

Also known as a Soft Transfer Belt, our Walk Belt is used to enable one or two carers to assist a patient with walking.  It is also suitable in assisting with sitting to standing position. Featuring 4 padded and reinforced handles and a large buckle fastening to allow for easy tightening of the belt upon standing. The inside of the belt is lined with a non slip rubber which is designed to grip patients clothing and produce a more secure fit.