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Invacare Personal Back 10

The Invacare Essential Series Backs combine simplicity of design, with effectiveness of application. The highly popular Personal Backs provide comfort, postural support and spinal alignment. These backs are very easily installed and adjusted.


Full Round Lumbar Roll MLE

The Full Round Lumbar Roll provides lumbar support that is extremely compact and portable. It has adjustable elastic positioning strap with a washable velour cover and foam construction.


Obus Forme Low Back

The original OBUS FORME Backrest Support Includes a patented lumbar pad that provides additional support for the lower back by filling in the lumbar curve. Lumbar pad is removable and adjustable Lumbar pad may be placed inside the backrest by separating the seam at the back and placing the lumbar pad towards the front. Available in burgundy or navy



Back Eze

The Back Eze has medium density foam back support cushion provides comfort and support for the back and spine while sitting. Maintains correct posture by supporting sideways movement, Ideal for persons who sit for long periods.



Partial Memory Foam Lumbar Roll MLE

The Partial Memory Foam Lumbar Roll provides lumbar support and is compact and portable. It has Washable velour cover with adjustable strap Suitable for all seating with its foam construction with memory foam wrap.