Daily Living Aids

Daily Living Aids

We stock an ever-increasing range of smaller daily living aids such as Handy Bars for your car and reachers for making life that little bit easier

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100mm Furniture raisers

A tough plastic brick for raising beds and chairs, for easier access. Lifts the furniture 100mm. The 40mm raiser can be placed on top of the 100mm. Sold individually at $10 each.



40mm Furniture raisers

A tough plastic brick for raising beds and chairs, for easier access. Lifts the furniture 40mm. Can be stacked on each other, or on the 100mm raiser. Sold individually at $8 each.



Airgo Flex-Grip Cane Tip

• Fits most aluminum canes • Fluid surface contact • Superior grip • Absorbs impact shock



Day of the Week Calendar Clock

The NEW BQ170 is our only calendar clock with the day of the week spelt in full. This large calendar clock is easily read from 20 meters and the clean design is ideal in both home and business interiors. Features include a reliable battery-operated German movement and an automatic calendar function that self-adjusts for leap years. The 12 hour format has an AM/PM indicator and the day of the week is spelt out in full. 



Bath/Shower Suction Mat MLE

The Bath/Shower Suction Mat is lip resistant surface and has a suction cap base. It is made from Dry Natural Rubber and Can be cut to size if required.


Bottom wiper

Has a moulded plastic head with recessed serrations to grip the paper. The paper is easily removed after use. Designed to be used from the front. Weight: 2.5 oz. Length: 10"



Button Hook And Zipper Aid

The Button Hook and Zipper Aid helps fasten your buttons with ease, provides an easy way of threading your buttons through their respective holes and includes a hook to assist with working zippers.



AMG Frog Cane Holder

The cane holder enables a cane to suspend on the end of a table or desk.



Cane/Crutch Tips

Crutch and Cane Tips should be often checked for wear to ensure you stay slip and avoid slipping. Riverina Scooters and Mobility stock a full range of replacement rubber non-slip tips for the ends of crutches and canes to avoid slips and falls.



Cutlery Comfort Ergo

Comfort Cutlery with ergonomically desined grip handles and lightweight and practical. Remove and rotate heads for left and right hand use.



Handy Turn Soft Seat Pad

This Handy Turn Soft Seat Pad is a soft, padded, flexible turning disc ideal for use on car seats, chairs and beds. The Soft Transfer Seat allows a smooth swivel transfer without painful jarring or twisting



Easy Seat Belt Reach

The Easy Seat Belt Reach Simply attaches to any seat belt to considerably reduce hip and shoulder strain when reaching for the seatbelt. Sold as pair.



Dressing Stick

The Dresssing Stick assists you in putting on jackets, pulling up slacks or skirts, removing socks, and pulling zips and shoe lace loops.



Key Turner

The Key Turner holds up to 3 keys and provides comfortable grip for people with reduced hand control.



Frog Cane Holder

Never pick your cane up off the floor again! The Frog Holder enables you to rest your cane on desk tops, tables, benches and counters.




Never struggle to get out of the car again! Handybar just locks into your door latch to give you a bar to grasp to aid alighting from your car. Suitable for users up to 157 kilograms. Other handy aids for the car include the Seat Belt Easy Reach and the Swivel Seat.



Kylie Chair Pad

Kylie absorbent pad. 61 x 51cm. Patient is in direct contact with the pad. Washable.


Long Plastic Shoe Horn

The Long Plastic Shoe Horn being of generous length, is designed to be used on all shoes and boots.



Bottle Opener for Screw Cap

Rubber bottle top opener for screw caps


Analogue Calendar Clock with Automatic Calendar

Featuring a 300mm analogue clock-face and day/date calendar, it can be read up to 15 metres distance. The BQ12 includes a reliable German movement and an automatic calendar function that self-adjusts for leap years. The flip card display remains readable under fluorescent lighting, unlike many LCD clocks.



Invacare Softform Heel Pad

The Invacare Softform Heelpad is designed to reduce pressure on the vulnerable heel area. The controlled volume of gel in the sacs allows pressure displacement and even weight distribution.



Kylie Deluxe Bed Sheet

The Kylie Deluxe Bed Sheet prevents fluid damage to existing bed mattress. Undersheet has a capacity to absorb up to 3 litres of body fluid. Generous sides for secure tuck in.


Kylie Deluxe Bed Sheet with Water Proof Backing

The Kylie Deluxe WP prevents fluid damage to existing bed mattress.  Undersheet has a capacity to absorb up to 3 litres of body fluid. The WP has a waterproof layer on the bottom side. Generous sides for secure tuck in.


Kettle Tipper

A coated wire cradle that holds most styles of jug kettle, and pivots on a raised wire frame by gentle pressure on the handle to assist with pouring. The kettle sits in the cradle and is secured by an elasticated strap. The frame has a built-in stop for positioning the mug and a back stop to prevent spillage if the kettle is accidentally released during pouring. The frame has non-slip feet. Not suitable for cordless or mini jug kettles.



Automatic Calendar with Clock

The BQ38 is popular at home as well as in the office. It features a reliable German movement and an automatic calendar function that self-adjusts for leap years. This is an ideal clock wherever people are completing forms and need a reminder of the day of the week. Easily read from 10m distance.



Dycem Jar Opener

Dycem Jar Opener is perfect for those with arthritis, a weakened grip, decreased hand sensation or upper extremity weakness. Open any jar with ease. Our openers provide a tight grip for lids, and jars of all sizes.



Hi-Temp medical lambskin

Machine washable in water up to 80 degrees C to achieve a high level of disinfection. With a dense wool pile and wool length of 30mm, this type of lambskin maximises pressure relief and is suitable for hospital or nursing home use. Can be tumble dried to a temperature of 60C. Size approximately 95 x 65 cm. Available in dark green only.



Feeding Cup, 4mm spout

A clear plastic beaker, designed for easy gripping, which has a vented lid with a drinking spout. 4mm spout hole. Supplied as a pair. Dishwasher safe up to 135°C.



Rubber Jar Opener

The Rubber Jar Opener Opens jars with lids from 20 to 85 mm. Perfects for those suffering from arthritic hands or loss of hand control from effects of stroke.



Urinal Spill Proof MLE

The Urinal Spill Proof has unique one way valve prevents spills. It is spill proof to 480ml. Featuring sturdy grip for easy handling, Lightweight, durable and easy to clean and disinfect, autoclavable.


1 - 30 of 154 results