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Walking Belt

Also known as a Soft Transfer Belt, our Walk Belt is used to enable one or two carers to assist a patient with walking.  It is also suitable in assisting with sitting to standing position. Featuring 4 padded and reinforced handles and a large buckle fastening to allow for easy tightening of the belt upon standing. The inside of the belt is lined with a non slip rubber which is designed to grip patients clothing and produce a more secure fit.




Never struggle to get out of the car again! Handybar just locks into your door latch to give you a bar to grasp to aid alighting from your car. Suitable for users up to 157 kilograms. Other handy aids for the car include the Seat Belt Easy Reach and the Swivel Seat.



Rotating seat

Users can rotate with ease to adjust the seat position. Commonly used to get in and out of the car. Can be used on any type of chair. Comes with a removable, padded cover that is fully washable. Disc diameter is 42cm, height is 7cm.



Handy Turn Soft Seat Pad

This Handy Turn Soft Seat Pad is a soft, padded, flexible turning disc ideal for use on car seats, chairs and beds. The Soft Transfer Seat allows a smooth swivel transfer without painful jarring or twisting



Easy Seat Belt Reach

The Easy Seat Belt Reach Simply attaches to any seat belt to considerably reduce hip and shoulder strain when reaching for the seatbelt. Sold as pair.