Kitchen and Dining

Kitchen and Dining

We have a range of products to assist in daily kitchen and dining needs including kettle pourers, cutlery and crockery.

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Uccello Powered Kettle Tipper

  • The effortless pour action of the Uccello Kettle was designed to use the unique PowerPour technology.
  • Its non-weight-bearing ’tilt and pour’ action from the ergonomic handle directs hot water to the fixed position of the cup, without removing the Kettle from its cradle.
  • The weighted base arcs on a rotating axis to deliver hot water safely and easily.



Lightweight foam handled cutlery, set of 4

These stainless steel utensils are mounted on plastic stems and sealed into light grey foam handles, to give help for those with weak or painful grip.  The foam is comfortable to hold and washable.   Not suitable for dishwasher.   Latex free.   Diameter: 28mm   Handle length: 115mm.



Kettle Tipper

A coated wire cradle that holds most styles of jug kettle, and pivots on a raised wire frame by gentle pressure on the handle to assist with pouring. The kettle sits in the cradle and is secured by an elasticated strap. The frame has a built-in stop for positioning the mug and a back stop to prevent spillage if the kettle is accidentally released during pouring. The frame has non-slip feet. Not suitable for cordless or mini jug kettles.



OneTouch Automatic Jar Opener

The One Touch Automatic Jar Opener will open stubborn lids at the touch of a button. No twisting, no pulling, no pain, the Jar Opener is ideal for people with weak or infirm hands – simply fit over the lid and let the One Touch do the hard work. Suitable even for new, factory sealed jars!



Rubber Jar Opener

The Rubber Jar Opener Opens jars with lids from 20 to 85 mm. Perfects for those suffering from arthritic hands or loss of hand control from effects of stroke.



Cutlery Comfort Ergo

Comfort Cutlery with ergonomically desined grip handles and lightweight and practical. Remove and rotate heads for left and right hand use.



Tap Turners, for crystal taps

A lightweight, strong, plastic tap turner designed to fit most plastic moulded taps. It adjusts to fit taps up to 60mm in diameter and may be left in position or removed for use on different taps. The tap turner is adjusted by pulling out the spring loaded jaw, which is then locked in place with a sliding lock. The tap turner could also be used to turn stove knobs and washing machine knobs. Two self adhesive foam pads are supplied for permanent installation if desired. 


OneTouch Automatic Can Opener

The innovative hands-free One-Touch automatic can opener can open most cans between 53mm and 153mm diameter. The opener ‘walks’ around the can and switches itself off automatically, leaving an easy-to-remove lid with no sharp edges. Perfect for seniors, or anyone with weak hands.



Slicing knife comfort grip

Knife with a contoured lightweight plastic handle to enable use of a power grip.
The handle is set at an angle to the cutting blade, allowing the wrist to be held in a neutral position and use of a sawing movement using the whole arm. This high quality stainless steel blade with a scalloped rather than a smooth blade which will stay permanently sharp. Blade length = 203mm (8") or 10"



Plate Manoy Small

Plate Manoy Small 23cm x 16cm



OneTouch Twizz Off Bottle Opener

The One Touch Twizoff Automatic Bottle Opener is suitable for either metal or plastic screw-top bottle caps up to 55mm in diameter. Its rubber jaws adjust automatically to the lid size and will break seals and open caps with a smooth, effortless motion. Easy to use, store and clean, the One Touch bottle opener is perfect for people with weak or infirm hands.



Comfort Grip Knife, food Preparation

Reflex comfort grip preparation knife. Knife has a scalloped edge. It is useful for cutting and preparing food. 127 mm blade length



Stirex All Purpose Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissors

An ergonomic self-opening device with precision made blades and fronts adjusted to cut in any position. Featuring extra wide handles and suitable for both left and right handed users. The self-opening feature reduces hand fatigue. The unique spring band design actually reduces closing grip pressure as handles continue to cutting motion. The ergonomic lightweight contoured handles distribute grip pressure. Reduces contact stress and fits the hand to provide maximum comfort and control


  • Blade Length: 78mm
  • Overall Length: 215mm
  • Product Weight: 70g




Feeding Cup, 4mm spout

A clear plastic beaker, designed for easy gripping, which has a vented lid with a drinking spout. 4mm spout hole. Supplied as a pair. Dishwasher safe up to 135°C.



Suction Cup Brush

The Suction Cup Brush is perfect for cleaning nails or dentures or vegetables. The brush is mounted onto 2 rubber suckers and is excellent for those with limited use of their limbs.




Dycem Jar Opener

Dycem Jar Opener is perfect for those with arthritis, a weakened grip, decreased hand sensation or upper extremity weakness. Open any jar with ease. Our openers provide a tight grip for lids, and jars of all sizes.



One Touch Power Peeler

The One Touch PowerBlade makes for effortless peeling of fruit and vegetables. It features serrated and Julienne blades for multi-purpose cuts, a long, slim-grip handle for easy manipulation, and an integrated potato-eye remover for extra utility. The PowerBlade is ideal for people with handicapped hand movements, and its stylish design make it an attractive addition to anyone’s food preparation toolset.



Bottle Opener for Screw Cap

Rubber bottle top opener for screw caps


Plate Surround

The Plate Surround has 3 clips to simply attatch onto any household plate to create a buffer against which food can be pushed to assist loading a fork or spoon.



Round Scoop Dish

Moulded low at the front and high at the back, this unbreakable, round scoop dish is especially useful for those eating with just one hand. Non-slip, rubber padded bottom provides control when using the scoop feature. 200mm (8') diameter. Washes in top shelf of domestic dishwashers. Not recommended for microwave use.



Lightweight Foam angled cutlery

Lightweight foam cutlery, with angled utensil to for limited mobility.



Supergrip Cutlery

The spoons and forks in this range feature a twist in the metal shaft to allow them to be bent to the desired angle. The utensils can be bent to either the right or left to the position that is the most comfortable for the user. The knife has a curved rocker blade to allow the user to cut with minimal effort. The comfortable 38mm (11/2") wide built up ribbed rubber handles provide an improved grip.


from $15.00

Pill Crusher

The Pill Crusher doubles as a pill storage container and has a twist action for crushing your pills for ease of consumption.



Nosey Cup

Cup is notched to allow room for the nose and eyeglasses when cup is tipped. Available in 237m or 340m



Pill Splitter

The Pill Splitter splits your pills with a stainless steel blade. Folds away when not in use.



New Super grip weighted cutlery

  • The Supergrip Cutlery is a comfortable, wide, built-up ribbed handled utensil set ideal for users with limited hand function
  • Stainless steel, dishwasher safe
  • Handle Length: 102mm
  • Weighted Handle
  • Knife, fork, tablespoon and teaspoon each sold seperately