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Avalon Rotating Bed - Includes Mattress

** We have this instock. Call to arrange a trial at either Wagga or Griffith store **


The Avalon Rotating Bed is an electrically powered bed and rotating profiling chair suited to any care environment. The bed offers greater independence to weight bearing patients who require assistance transferring between standing and sitting.

Key Features And Benefits

  • Allows user to get out of bed with minimal to no assistance
  • Dual function – fully functioning electrical bed that can also be used as a comfortable day chair
  • Removable arm rests to aid transfer in and out of bed
  • Single button control allows easy operation to reposition patient from lying down to seated position
  • Backrest auto regression function minimises risk of pressure injury
  • Flexible design allows the bed to be configured to rotate to either the left or the right hand side

iCare IC333 King Single Adjustable Bed

The IC333 Bed is unmatched for function and durability, taking the hospital look out of your room. This four function bed, features dual lift motors totalling 12,000 newtons lifting power, unlimited under-bed clearance and eight heavy duty castors.


IC222 Homecare Bed (King Single)

Essential high low bed

This home bed has the essential features of head lift and knee break, with the added feature of high-low.

Invacare Etude Duo Plus

The Invacare Etude Duo Plus features a modular design that can be folded up for transport or storage. Built in electric trendelenburg allows the bed to be tilted for postural drainage of up to 11 degrees. Pictured with optional wooden sides.


Walmsley King Single

The Walmsley King Single is an Australian made four section bed, manufactured in Ballarat. Of King Single width of 107cm, the Walmsley has shoulder and foot raise plus a wide range of height variability.


Premium 10 King Alternating

The Premium 10 King is an extra wide hospital grade alternating mattress pressure replacement system for patients who prefer a king size sleeping platform. All the features of the Premium 10 with an increased width of 1070 mm


iCare Latex Mattress Long Single

Most like sprung mattresses

The Latex mattresses are a low risk pressure mattress but provide a unique bounce back support which makes it easy for transfers.
Suitable on any base platform.

IC20 Visco Elastic King Single

Most popular, medium feel

Middle of the range, the IC20 proves to be popular for most. The medium feel provides a soft feel but excellent support.

How pressure care works with the IC20: This mattress is heat and pressure sensitive which means that as it gets warmer it becomes softer. So when there is a pressure point
developing which usually gets hot and enflamed, this area of the mattress will become softer which allows the blood to flow freely again.

New I-Care IC333 Electric Bed

I-Care IC333 electric bed. Hi-Lo adjustable bed. Trendelenburg and reverse mechanism. 4 section bed with head tilt, knee break, foot lift and height adjustable. One remote for all operations. Dual lift motors. Full under bed clearance for lift hoists. Fully upholstered surround. Available in Onyx or Stone colour. Available in Long Single, King Single, Double and Queen. Also available is a Long Single companion base. Long Single and King Single IC 333 bed available on DVA.


Sileo Floorline Bed King Single

Introducing a range of fully featured, easy to operate, electric beds designed for residential care. With high-low range, safe and sturdy scissor lift mechanism, inbuilt base extension, removable head and foot panels and multiple positioning, this bed is designed for optimum support, strength and safety.

One piece mainframe operates as a high-low, four part profiling bed, with electric adjustable bed height, back rest, knee break and heel lift. Powered by a reliable Dewert actuator, with back up battery as easy fit optional accessory. Crafted to deliver a range of features and functionality at an affordable price, Standard (920 mm wide) and King Single (1070 mm wide) models are now available, with other models under development.

Better Living Superior King Single Mattress

The Triple Layer King foam pressure surface offers maximum pressure reduction in a three layer foam surface sized to correctly fit a king single bed. This foam mattress has increased depth and width for added comfort and capacity for the larger user, with three layered, zoned design ideal for patients with poor mobility or uncertain skin sensitivity. Made from premium materials, each foam layer is made of varying density to maximise the redistribution of pressure. 

Icare IC15 King Single Mattress

Firm, yet supportive mattress

The IC15 offers support and comfort. Firm feel makes it easier for turning.
Pair with an Icare bed or suitable on any base platform.

Floor Mat & Monitor

This Smart Caregiver Corded Fall Mat and Monitor Kit notifies the caregiver by an audible and visual alert when the resident is about to get up from a bed or a chair, putting pressure on the floor mat. The fall monitor features an On/Off switch that prevents the alarm from sounding when the caregiver moves the resident from bed or chair, or when changing clothing or linens.Features:– Low Cost with full range volume control.– Visual Status Light – when in use, the visual alert light blinks every 4 seconds. This lets the caregiver knows that the system is functioning properly.– Nurse Call Capability – enables you to use with existing hard-wired nurse call systems.– Battery Operated (3-AA, Not Included).


Invacare Odstock Wedge

The Invacare Odstock Wedge reduces pressure under the heels without increasing pressure on the thighs and calves.



45cm Kcare Deluxe Commode

Deluxe bedside Commode Grey/Slate


Double Heel Wedge

The Double Heel Wedge suspends the heels to alleviate pressure (to ensure access and aeration for draining ulcers).  The entire length of the lower leg is supported avoiding pressure that could constrict arterial or venous blood flow.



Over Bed Pole

Can be used in conjunction with a conventional or hospital bed. Provide assistance in bed transfer or repositioning. Lightweight, sturdy and easy to assemble. Adjustable handle on webbing strap. Weight capacity: 130kg. Height: 1680mm. Footprint: 760 x 850mm



Self Help Pole

The self help pole is available for both the Walmsley Bed range, and for the Deutscher Rose (II) floorline bed.

The pole can be fitted in the socket at the head end of the bed (on either side) for the Walmsley DM series range. Bolt on adaptor sockets are available to suit all other beds.

 In accordance with AS3200.2.38, the pole is designed to handle a safe working load of 75kg. A strong handle and adjustable strap is attached.


Patient Wedge

The MacMed Patient Wedge is to assist with patient positioning and comfort, comprised of a combination of high density and visco elastic foams help provide pressure reduction for the ‘at risk’ patient.



Fold down clamp on bed stick

A powder coated bed stick designed to clamp-on to the bed rail. The bed stick has a ball / knob top and may assist with transfers in / out of bed. Suits bed frame 32mm x 51mm. By slightly pulling upwards, it will then release and be able to fold down out of the way. Can fold left or right. Does fit the Walmsly King Single bed we stock and sell.


Bed Wedge

Provides relief for those with respiratory conditions, promoting easier breathing. Gradual elevation ensures less pressure on the lower back and chest. Great for elevating legs to assist with fluid retention. Supports the upper body. Perfect for those who suffer from reflux. Sits on top of your existing mattress and is suitable on all bed size. All foam no latex. Length: 660mm. Width: 710mm. Height: 80-240mm from lowest to highest point.




Days Bedside Commode

The Days Bedside Commode is a low cost bedside commode with adjustable height legs and doubles as a chair when not in use. Weight Capacity of 125kg.



Step Stool with Hand Rail

• Chrome plated steel frame step stool with hand rail.
• It has a slip-resistant fluted rubber covered step and a tall hand rail can be fitted to one side.
• It also has non-marking, slip resistant rubber tips.


Indoor Mat 600 x 1800

Ideal for prevention of falls in and around the home, the BetterLiving Rubber Backed Indoor Mat is manufactured from 100% skid resistant nitrile rubber backing and tufted nylon plus pile. Includes ultra grip cleats to minimise movement.

Key Features

  • designed for use on tiled, timber or lino surfaces
  • crush-resistant pile traps dirt and extends performance life
  • anti-trip edging ensures mat remains flat at all times
  • easy to sweep or vacuum
  • fully machine washable; can be tumble dried
  • 5 available sizes, including runners
  • range of solid colours and decorative patterns

Hi-Temp medical lambskin

Machine washable in water up to 80 degrees C to achieve a high level of disinfection. With a dense wool pile and wool length of 30mm, this type of lambskin maximises pressure relief and is suitable for hospital or nursing home use. Can be tumble dried to a temperature of 60C. Size approximately 95 x 65 cm. Available in dark green only.



Single Heel Wedge

The Single Heel Wedge suspends the heel to alleviate pressure (to ensure access and aeration for draining ulcers).  The entire length of the lower leg is supported avoiding pressure that could constrict arterial or venous blood flow.



Bed stick with Ball Knob

A powder coated bed stick designed to clamp-on to the bed rail. The bed stick has a ball / knob top and may assist with transfers in / out of bed. Suits bed frame 32mm x 51mm. Does fit the Walmsly King Single bed we stock and sell.



Queen Size Wonder Sheet

The 'Wonder Sheet' creatively combines a 'satin' panel and 'polyester/cotton' 50/50 blend sheeting at the ends.

The 'Wonder Sheet' fitted sheet is an effective therapeutic tool because it can make bed mobility easier. The satin panel, which is 90cm long, sits under your hips and bottom area, allowing you to slide your bottom instead of lifting which can make the process of turning over so much easier, particularly with swinging your legs in and out of bed.  


Dawson Bed Stick

The Dawson Bed Stick is designed to assist patients when getting in and out of bed. It is suited for single or double beds on either the left or right hand side.  Height of 590mm. Powder coated mild steel frame. Easily applied by sliding underneath the mattress.


1 - 30 of 42 results