Sometimes you may have an issue with your scooter, if you find yourself in this situation here are 3 helpful tips that may get you going again!


1. Check to make sure you do not have your charger still plugged in; your scooter will not go with the charger plugged in. 

2. Check to make sure your scooter is charged, a comon issue is that your scooter will be flat, make sure at the end of each day have your scooter back on the charge to maintain good battery health.

3. If your scooter is not charging with the charger plugged in, make sure that your charger is turned on at the outlet and also that it is plugged into the correct port on your scooter, below is an image of the correct port to charge your scooter.


4. Check to see if your scooter is in gear, there will be a lever at the rear of your scooter, make sure that it is in the drive position. 

5. Turn off your scooter with the key for a few minutes this will reset the control unit. 

6. If all of the above steps fail. Phone either our Wagga: 69214444 or Griffith: 69648870 stores (which ever is more convenient to your location) and we will assit you.