Preserve dignity and independence by using Ezy Ups dressing tools to pull on and also remove clothing.

Ezy-Ups are designed for people of all ages with flexibility issues due to age, injury, pregnancy and arthritis. This simple and inexpensive tool allows users to undress and dress themselves without assistance. Perfect for putting on underpants, incontinence pants and Hipsavers.

Ezy Ups Dressing Instructions:

  1. Sit on a comfortable chair with a flat surface (table) beside you and place pants facing upwards. Fit Ezy-Ups heads inside the waist band noting that the little knobs A & B are facing upwards.
  2. Now you can place the pants in front of your feet by holding the Ezy-Ups handles. Slip your feet, one at a time through the pants.
  3. Slide the pants up your legs until you can reach the pants and remove Ezy-Ups.

Clothing can be removed by reversing the above steps.

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