Daily Living Aids

Daily Living Aids

We stock an ever-increasing range of smaller Daily Living Aids such as handy bars for your car, cushion support accessories to make life a little easier.

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Uccello Powered Kettle Tipper

  • The effortless pour action of the Uccello Kettle was designed to use the unique PowerPour technology.
  • Its non-weight-bearing ’tilt and pour’ action from the ergonomic handle directs hot water to the fixed position of the cup, without removing the Kettle from its cradle.
  • The weighted base arcs on a rotating axis to deliver hot water safely and easily.



Walking Cane Wrist Strap

Never worry about dropping your cane when letting go of the handle when you have the wrist strap fastened to you. A great idea to stop you from bending over to pick up your cane.



Stirex All Purpose Heavy Duty Kitchen Scissors

An ergonomic self-opening device with precision made blades and fronts adjusted to cut in any position. Featuring extra wide handles and suitable for both left and right handed users. The self-opening feature reduces hand fatigue. The unique spring band design actually reduces closing grip pressure as handles continue to cutting motion. The ergonomic lightweight contoured handles distribute grip pressure. Reduces contact stress and fits the hand to provide maximum comfort and control


  • Blade Length: 78mm
  • Overall Length: 215mm
  • Product Weight: 70g




Supergrip Cutlery

The spoons and forks in this range feature a twist in the metal shaft to allow them to be bent to the desired angle. The utensils can be bent to either the right or left to the position that is the most comfortable for the user. The knife has a curved rocker blade to allow the user to cut with minimal effort. The comfortable 38mm (11/2") wide built up ribbed rubber handles provide an improved grip.


from $15.00

Stocking Donner

This Stocking Donner cradle will assist with putting compression stockings on



New Super grip weighted cutlery

  • The Supergrip Cutlery is a comfortable, wide, built-up ribbed handled utensil set ideal for users with limited hand function
  • Stainless steel, dishwasher safe
  • Handle Length: 102mm
  • Weighted Handle
  • Knife, fork, tablespoon and teaspoon each sold seperately 

Soft Sole Slipper

Soft sole slippers made from medical quality lambskin. No seam under the heel to maximise comfort while wearing slippers lying down



The Easy On Easy Off Sock Aid

The Easy On, Easy Off Sock Aid is an innovative quality product which is an easy to use aid for both putting on and removing socks. The Sock-Aid does not require any form of bending or stretching, allowing you to be totally independent. Makes life easier for anyone who has restricted mobility. The Sock-Aid is manufactured using tough durable plastic and it has been designed to withstand treatment that other sock aids can’t. It has been made to last and is fitted with quality rubber tread on the base to prevent slipping.



Omni Tray

The Omni-Tray is a couch-side handle and TV tray that makes it easy to stand from your favorite couch or chair. It comes with a convenient multi-use swivel tray so you can eat, surf the web, or simply keep handy items close by. And like all of our products, it blends in with your living-room (like another piece of furniture) so you can maintain the comforting feeling of your home. 


Sock Aid

- Suitable for socks or stockings 

- Strong flexible plastic gutter with long cotton rope

- Reduces bending and strain on back, hips and knees

- Contoured with side notches to hold sock in place


Stocking and socks are fed on to the plastic gutter and held in place in the gutter. Place foot in the open end of the stocking, then pull under the foot and up the leg using cord. 


Button Hook & Zipper Puller

The Button Hook and Zip Puller features a button hook on one end and a zip puller on the other. Due to this, it can be used for a number of dressing tasks. While one is required to buy z button fastener and zip puller separately, this tool combines two products for the price of one.

Both the ends of the product are connected with a wooden tube which is highly durable. The tube offers excellent grip and ensures that the user is able to easily fasten buttons and pull zippers.

While the product has a very simple design, it is highly functional and user-friendly. Its high-quality build ensures that it will continue to deliver expected results for years to come. The overall length of this Button Hook and Zip Puller is 235mm and it weighs 19mm. If you are searching for a tool that can help someone with limited finger movements or someone who can only use a single hand dress up in an easier way, this Button Hook and Zip Puller is definitely an excellent choice.


Homecraft Dressing Stick

This wooden stick with a rubber tip at one end, and a special double wire hook at the other, is used to pull on or push off clothes that can not be reached easily, such as socks and jackets. 


Button Hook & Zipper Aid

Helps fasten buttons with ease.

Provides an easy way for threading buttons through their respective holes.

Includes a hook to assist with working zipper.

Pack contains small and large button hook.


Kings Button Hook

With easy-grip contoured handle and shaped steel loop, this button hook is ideal for those that have difficulty fastening small buttons. Length 220mm


Etac Beauty Multipurpose Grip

Etac Beauty Multipurpose Grip rests comfortably in the whole hand and offers a variety of uses. Put a nail file in the Multipurpose Grip and the pedicure is achieved with ease. The wider end of the grip may be used for mascara, a tooth brush or razor


Etac Beauty Comb, Long

Beauty Comb are curved for the best comfort and control when combing/brushing the hair. The handles are oval and have a non-slip surface which enables a secure grip. The Beauty comb and hairbrush come in two lengths. The shorter version is recommended when the user can reach up to the ear. The longer version is suitable for users who only can reach to the shoulder.



Preserve dignity and independence by using Ezy Ups dressing tools to pull on and also remove clothing.

Ezy-Ups are designed for people of all ages with flexibility issues due to age, injury, pregnancy and arthritis. This simple and inexpensive tool allows users to undress and dress themselves without assistance. Perfect for putting on underpants, incontinence pants and Hipsavers.

Ezy Ups Dressing Instructions:

  1. Sit on a comfortable chair with a flat surface (table) beside you and place pants facing upwards. Fit Ezy-Ups heads inside the waist band noting that the little knobs A & B are facing upwards.
  2. Now you can place the pants in front of your feet by holding the Ezy-Ups handles. Slip your feet, one at a time through the pants.
  3. Slide the pants up your legs until you can reach the pants and remove Ezy-Ups.

Clothing can be removed by reversing the above steps.


Tap Turners

Simply fit over the tops of the taps to give greater leverage. The taps are than easier to turn on and off.

The turners can be left permanently in position - with red over the hot tap and blue over the cold tap.

also very useful when travelling.


Long Handled Styling Comb

  • Long handled styling utensil is helpful for people who can't raise their arm or reach behind their head
  • Brush is excellent for daily use and folds so you can take it on the go, can be positioned in two different angles, colour may vary
  • Hairbrush length is 235 mm when folded for easy handbag storage, length measures 320 mm with handle, and 460 mm with the extension
  • Lightweight plastic handle is easy to hold for people with limited strength, including the elderly and people with disabilities
  • Helpful bathroom aid for people with arthritis, frozen shoulder, shoulder surgery, and other conditions that limit mobility and flexibility

Jar, Bottle and Tap Turners

Ideal for sufferers of arthritis and rheumatism, or anyone with reduced hand function or weak grip.

The turners are designed to fit and adjust almost any size of, jar bottle and tap.

The handle is designed to offer leverage and ease of use.

Bright and easy to see colours 


Can Pull & Soda Snap

Sometimes cans just don’t want to be opened. Made from an unbreakable polycarbonate, the Canpull can be used to easily open a variety of pop-top cans without strain, also includes sodasnap, the easy way to open softdrink cans without hasstle. Dishwasher safe. 

Made in the UK.
Easily opens pop-top cans. Dishwasher safe.

Dycem Non-Slip Bottle Opener

The Dycem® Non-Slip Bottle Opener is the perfect fit for opening any bottle. Get a firm grip with our non-slip bottle opener, an invaluable daily living aid.
  • Effortlessly unscrew tough bottle tops. It even works with those pesky ‘push down and twist’ bottles.
  • Grip is maximised thanks to the unique grip bars, and a tight seal when closing is ensured. 
  • Use to open bottles on the go and store easily in your pocket. It is also perfect for small cupboard doors and taps.
  • Available in yellow and silver
  • Non-toxic, latex free, anti-microbial
  • Simple to use, long lasting and easy to clean.

Poppet Pill Remover

The Poppet Pill Remover is a plastic handheld device designed to aid in removing pills from packaging. The device removes the pill from the package when the handle is compressed and the pill collects in a compartment on the device.


Non-Slip Place Mat

These easy to use non slip mats are anti-microbial and non toxic, and do not contain any latex.

  • Try using your Dycem non slip mats in the kitchen to prevent crockery and appliances from sliding, or use as a non slip tray mat or tray liner when serving food and drink.
  • Use them to keep things secure on your desk.
  • Use Dycem non slip matting as an anti slip pad for your car dashboard to stop gadgets from slipping off.
  • Place our anti slip matting under your chopping board to stop it moving around while you prepare food.
  • Stand on a non slip mat while exercising to improve stability.

Hot/Cold Pack

Making Life Easy Hot/Cold Pack Blue Large
Fast Relief Where You Need It Most.
Contains Non-Toxic Gel.


MLE Pill Splitter

Mle Pill Splitter
Easily Divides Pills And Vitamins.


Opticare Eye Drop Dispenser

Suitable for the majority of people who struggle with eye drops. This eye drop dispenser boosts confidence and supports independence. Also simple to use and durable.


Tablet Splitter

Ideal for large and awkward tablets and pills, this clever device features a blade which efficiently splits solid and uncoated medication into two parts to be swallowed easily. The pill splitter holds the tablet still, whilst closing the lid of the splitter quickly and neatly breaks down any pills which are too large to easily swallow. Another feature of the pill splitter is the two compartments at the front of the product which serve as storage space. The lid and slicer of the pill splitter closes securely when not in use. 


Etac Feed Angled Spoons

Etac Feed Angled Spoons are ideal for children wanting to eat by themselves. The angle adjustable spoon has an oval shaped handle that is slightly curved, with a support edge to prevent the hand sliding. Strap is useful for children with poor gripping ability. lightweight available for left or right handed users dishwasher safe Description Feed Fork Dimensions 220 mm Weight 34g Order Code 80403103 Material Care Thermoplastic polyester Dishwasher-safe


Home Craft Reflex Preparation Knife

This knife with a scalloped edge is useful for cutting and prepairing food. The blade will not require sharpening. Dishwasher safe.

61 - 90 of 119 results