Daily Living Aids

We stock an ever-increasing range of smaller daily living aids such as Handy Bars for your car and reachers for making life that little bit easier

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Cane Holder

  • Easy to attach to walking cane
  • Spring loaded plastic holder clamps onto walking cane
  • Designed to hold cane upright on table, desk or flat horizontal surface edge
  • Can also be wedged underneath table
  • Durable plastic, black colour

Button Hook & Zipper Puller

The Button Hook and Zip Puller features a button hook on one end and a zip puller on the other. Due to this, it can be used for a number of dressing tasks. While one is required to buy z button fastener and zip puller separately, this tool combines two products for the price of one.

Both the ends of the product are connected with a wooden tube which is highly durable. The tube offers excellent grip and ensures that the user is able to easily fasten buttons and pull zippers.

While the product has a very simple design, it is highly functional and user-friendly. Its high-quality build ensures that it will continue to deliver expected results for years to come. The overall length of this Button Hook and Zip Puller is 235mm and it weighs 19mm. If you are searching for a tool that can help someone with limited finger movements or someone who can only use a single hand dress up in an easier way, this Button Hook and Zip Puller is definitely an excellent choice.


Dycem Non-Slip Bottle Opener

The Dycem® Non-Slip Bottle Opener is the perfect fit for opening any bottle. Get a firm grip with our non-slip bottle opener, an invaluable daily living aid.
  • Effortlessly unscrew tough bottle tops. It even works with those pesky ‘push down and twist’ bottles.
  • Grip is maximised thanks to the unique grip bars, and a tight seal when closing is ensured. 
  • Use to open bottles on the go and store easily in your pocket. It is also perfect for small cupboard doors and taps.
  • Available in yellow and silver
  • Non-toxic, latex free, anti-microbial
  • Simple to use, long lasting and easy to clean.

Button Hook And Zipper Aid

The Button Hook and Zipper Aid helps fasten your buttons with ease, provides an easy way of threading your buttons through their respective holes and includes a hook to assist with working zippers.



Plastic Shoehorn

The Homecraft Plastic Shoehorn is an inexpensive plastic moulded shoe horn that provides an easy tool to help put on shoes more easily. The long handled shoe horn is ideal for those who have limited mobility at the waist or for those who have limited hand dexterity and need additional help putting on their shoes.

The lightweight plastic shoe horn enables the user to easily put on shoes that are either difficult to put on or becasue of limited reach. The easy to use handled shoe horn allows for a simple solution to make daily life easier. The shoe horn is equipped with a hanging loop attached to handle for easy storage. The length of the shoe horn measures 430 mm (17") and weighs 37g, making the shoe horn easy to handle and control for excellent reach.


Nosey Cutout Glass

Cup is notched to allow room for the nose and eyeglasses when cup is tipped. * Has a line at 8 oz. * Top-rack dishwasher safe. * BPA and Latex free

Dycem Non-Slip Reel, 20cm x 2m, Blue, 344g

Dycem® Reels are made from non-woven fabric coated on both sides with Dycem®. They can be used to cover larger areas, or cut to shape. Suitable for physiotherapy use on the floor.
  • Unbeatable grip for any item and have been proven to grip up to a 45 degree angle. Keep your items secure by using them on a range of surfaces.
  • Non-toxic, latex free and antimicrobial, – safe for all uses, Reels are a necessity for non-slip needs.
  • Multi-purpose, durable polymeric material of the highest quality.
  • Long lasting, efficient and discreet
  • Made to cater to a wide range of needs, available in blue, white, red, and check. The check reels are made from a polythene base and are of a stiffer construction. More suitable for flat surfaces or when extra firmness is required.
  • Available in: 0.3mm thick, 20 or 40cm wide, from 1m to 9m long
121 - 127 of 127 results