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On the floor and ready to test drive, we have the largest range of mobility scooters in the Riverina! All scooters come with 2-year warranty and free delivery.

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Afikim Scooter S

The spacious & luxurious Afiscooter S with its Red Dot Award winning design made to maximize the protection and safety of the driver, its brilliant ergonomics and excellent comfort of driving is one of the leading Mobility Scooters in its category.

If you are looking for a scooter that can handle traversable terrain with exceptional stability and uncompromising comfort, the Afiscooter S is your choice of preference. If an extremely small turning radius with maximum maneuverability is what you need, you should Consider the three-wheel Version. Either model you choose will deliver an outstanding user experience.

Afikim Scooter C

The Afiscooter C with its unique design made to maximize the protection and safety of the driver, its excellent multifunctionality and ease of operation is the perfect mobility scooter for those who wish to maintain an active, dynamic and versatile lifestyle.

The combination of Mid-size dimensions, a powerful motor, a luxurious captain seat, well-tuned shock absorbers and an ergonomic modern steering tiller creates a scooter that is brilliant for both Outdoor and Indoors purposes. The three-wheel model has an extremely small turning radius and give supreme maneuverability

Whichever you choose you will enjoy an exceptionally comfortable ride, simple operation and a premium look and feel.

Afi Scooter C

C is for compact, Breeze C maintains all the features of the well-established Breeze family of scooters.


Afiscooter S4

Afiscooter S4 (formerly known as the Afikim Breeze S4) has essentially the same running gear and electronics as the time proven and trusted Breeze IV. The new Afiscooter S4 has updated styling and new features such as a LCD dash display. Available with or without full windscreen canopy.

Afiscooter S4 Double

The Afiscooter S4 Double has a new wider seat and the same reliable electronics and drive train as the legendary Breeze. The Afiscooter S4 has new styling and new features including a digital dash display.  Available with or without full windscreen canopy.


Merits Eclipse 11

Multi-adjustable tiller for easy use and comfort. Built-in half speed safety switch which operates automatically when turning to provide extra safety. Large wheels which provide extra ground clearance. Adjustable suspension to give maximum comfort. 4 pole motor and large controller delivering much more power for climbing steep driveways or hills. Headlight and rear tail lights, indicators front and rear and reverse warning makes this scooter suitable for all occasions  

Merits Aurora Hillclimber

The Merits Aurora Hillclimber and its predecessor, the Meteor, has been our best seller for each of the past nine years. With a weight capacity of 200 kiolgrams, the Aurora has an enviable track record in terms of reliability and comfort. 


Merits Explorer

4 pole motor Merits Explorer. A mid sized scooter with excellent suspension for a super comfortable ride

Merits Eco Plus

The new model has arrived in store ! A mid sized scooter with big batteries and suspension. The eco plus has all you want, in a compact design.

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TREK Sunrider

Sunrider by TREK is a medium to large sized scooter with solid fibreglass top with windscreen. Featuring a 4 pole motor.

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TREK Bravo

Bravo by TREK, a large scooter on big wheels with a 4 pole motor. Available in Grey.

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TREK Evolution

TREK Evolution is a mid sized scooter

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Shoprider GK9 "Little Ripper"

The GK9 is a fully portable model that offers exceptional functionality for each user.

The GK9 has many features found on the larger scooters with the added benifit of its easy pull apart design. 

Features include: Puncture proof tires, mid back fully rotating seat, adjustable steering tiller, multi position lift up armrests and 2 21amp batteries.

The GK9 is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage and is ideal for easy transport when pulled apart, the reliability of this impressive scooter is further enhanced by the rear wheel drive and electromagnetic brake.


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New Microlite Scooter

The Microlite scooter is taking portable to a whole new level with a total weight of 18kg which includes the seat and the panasonic lithium battery. The Microlite is also FAA approved for air travel, and the two pieces fit in the overhead locker.

The Microlite is made of aircraft grade aluminium and has a motor output of 230W and includes Electronic Stability Control. Click here to view our brochure

- Length 93cm

- Width 50cm

- Weight 18Kgs

- Turning Radius 82cm

- Motor Output 230W

- Battery (Panasonic Lithium) 24V 8.7AH

- Speed 6KM/H

- Slope Ability 8 Degrees 


New Supalite Scooter

New to the SupaScoota Range is the SupaLite portable mobility scooter. It has a total weight of 20kgs.including battery and seat.
The 260W motor will provide more power than the MicroLite which lets you drive over more types of terrain.
This scooter would also be comfortable for the taller person as it has a wheelbase of 97 cm.
It will give you a travel distance of up to 13 km and has a speed reduction system which slows the scooter when turning a corner.
One little test drive of the SupaLite is all it takes to change your perception of the traditional portable mobility scooter.

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- Weight 20.4 kg 

- Length 97 cm 

- Width 57 cm 

- Height 84 cm 

- Speed 4 mph 

- Range 8 miles 

- Turning Radius 86 cm 

- Weight (max user) up to 120 Kgs


Invacare Colibri

A four wheeled, rear wheel drive scooter designed for indoor and outdoor use. Features flip up armrests, width and angle adjustable armrests and a front basket. Safety features include rear anti-tippers, front and rear mounted reflectors and a brake disengagement lever. Can be dismantled into four parts without the use of tools. Available in 5 interchangeable colours.